Maguire Enterprises, Inc. proudly designs and manufactures cable products for thousands of customers across the United States. These products are designed for connections between medical devices, without getting attached to the patient. For nearly 50 years  we’ve been selling our unique interconnect solutions directly to hospitals. Along the way, we’ve developed key relationships with the industry’s top healthcare companies who often refer customers to us. We’re delighted to be a part of the Health Technologies landscape and contribute to the industry in the following ways:

  • Deliver ECG and IBP waveforms from a primary monitor to the defibrillator display.
  • Deliver ECG and IBP waveforms from a primary monitor to a balloon pump display.
  • Deliver the ECG waveform to an ultrasound display.
  • Enable simultaneous view of the ECG and IBP waveforms on displays of multiple devices.
  • Adapt the patient input/output of one medical device manufacturer’s product to be like that of another manufacturer.
  • Connect critical devices (such as ventilators and infusion pumps) to the central Nurse Alarm Call System via the headwall jack.
  • Increase the number of inputs of the in-room headwall jack for connecting alarms to the Nurse Call System.
  • Improve efficiency in the CVOR with a waveform interconnect Cabling System designed to run through the existing BOOM system.
  • and other physiologic signal transfer applications.


We encourage you to use our skills, knowledge and products to make informed decisions that drive your success. We will work with you as a dedicated partner and trusted adviser to meet your needs.


Includes these values, standards, and purposes upon which we desire to base our daily decisions:

  • To please God in everything we do. To give Him credit for our success. To share His good news with everyone who wants to listen. To treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • To provide good and useful services and products to our customers. To answer complaints and make refunds promptly and courteously. To improve our products and services after listening to our customers and counselors. To deal courteously and fairly with our business contacts.
  • To be thoughtful, prayerful and to seek counsel about our activities, including new areas of activity and business.
  • To strive to do our best. To cut costs, work hard, seek to increase business and, in general, to be good managers of the income and property which God has entrusted to us, while not viewing ourselves as more worthy than others.
  • To provide a working atmosphere of trust and mutual confidence where we share our burdens, help, encourage and sometimes admonish each other.
  • To provide employment, wages and benefits comparable to or better than what most other companies in our community provide for similar work. To provide extra benefits when business is good.

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