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Part #: ME590027

Connects Spacelabs monitor output to Maquet-Datascope balloon pump, Edwards LifeSciences CCO monitor, or Philips-Siemens ultrasound input.

i cable ECG or IBP. TT253 ‘HLo’ output of the Spacelabs monitor module to balloon pump, AUX ECG or IBP. Also connects to Vigilance II, Hemosphere continuous cardiac output monitor or Philips Healthcare, Siemens ultrasound AUX ECG input,  1/4″ two circuit phone plug input.

Part #: ME590359

Connects Spacelabs Healthcare monitor output to the Zoll defibrillator input or balloon pump input.

i cable ECG. TT253 ‘HLo’ output of Spacelabs Healthcare monitor to Zoll Medical defibrillator or Maquet-Datascope balloon pump, 6 pin AAMI patient ECG input.

Part #: ME590036K

Connects Spacelabs module output to Physio Control LifePak defibrillator input.

i cable ECG.  TT253 ‘HLo’ output of the Spacelabs module to LifePak defibrillator LP12, LP15, LP20, LP20e with Code Management Module, 12 pin patient ECG input.

Part #: ME590265S

Connects Spacelabs monitor output to Maquet-Datascope balloon pump of Philips Volcano Imaging System input.

i cable ECG & IBP.  TT253 ‘HLo’ output of the Spacelabs module to balloon pump, 1/4″ AUX ECG & IBP inputs. Also connects to the Volcano S5 IVUS Imaging System, AUX ECG & IBP inputs.

Part #: ME550SL

Adapts Spacelabs Healthcare module output to Cardiac Rhythm Management Pacer Programmer cables.

i cable ECG Adapter.  TT253 ‘HLo’ output of the Spacelabs module adapted to mate with CRM pacemaker programmer cable via the 1/4″ two circuit phone jack. Use in tandem with 1/4″ phone plug pacer programmer cables. This adapter also enables connection to other physiologic monitors via 1/4″ phone plug accessory cables.

Part #: ME590257J

Adapts Spacelabs Healthcare monitor single output to be multiple phone jack outputs.

i cable ECG & IBP Multiplier.  HLO (J10) DB15HD output of the Spacelabs monitor adapted to be  1/4″ two circuit phone jacks, 4 ECG and 2 IBP outputs. Allows simultaneous connection to defibrillator, balloon pump, ultrasound, pacer programmer, continuous cardiac output or other connected physiologic monitor. Use this product in combination with MAGUIRE multiplier cables to deliver ECG and IBP signal to desirable peripheral monitors. Learn how these low cost products simplify patient setup, reduce cable clutter and enhance any physiologic monitoring system.