Device Alarm Input Multipliers are an exclusive product of Maguire Enterprises. These products improve your efforts to meet JCAHO standards for providing safe care across healthcare settings. By increasing the number of available connections at the headwall this product is able to turn the average room into a more intensive monitored care area. Use the input multiplier in tandem with three normally open nurse call cables to transmit the audible alarms of your ventilator, infusion pump, patient monitor, pulse oximeter or other alarm equipped medical device.

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Part #: ME590143NO

Expands the number of inputs at the headwall for connection to the nurse call system.

i cable Nurse Call Multiplier. Normally open alarm input at headwall jack (1/4″ phone plug ) expanded to be three parallel 1/4″ phone jacks.  Use to increase the number of connected devices at the headwall, turning the average room into a more intensive care unit! This product is compatible with normally open device alarm cables.