Multipliers allow you to expand the analog output port of a physiologic monitor enabling simultaneous connection to numerous peripheral devices: defibrillator, balloon pump, continuous cardiac output monitor, ultrasound, pacemaker programmer and other similar monitoring devices. Our 257 Series Multipliers with accessory cables are our most popular because they standardize equipment connections and help create a cohesive physiologic monitoring system. Having this convenience simplifies times when equipment is shared between care areas and effectively reduces the number of redundant sets of patient cables and electrodes typically used to connect each individual monitor. This series of multipliers like all of our multipliers, is the ideal solution for any device limited to just a single analog output.

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Part #: ME590257M

Adapts Mindray monitor single output to be multiple phone jack outputs.

i cable ECG & IBP Multiplier. 9 pin micro D output of Mindray DPM adapted to be  1/4″ two circuit phone jacks, 4 ECG and 2 IBP outputs. Allows simultaneous connection to defibrillator, balloon pump, ultrasound, pacer programmer, continuous cardiac output or other connected physiologic monitor. Use this product in combination with MAGUIRE multiplier cables to deliver ECG and IBP signal to desirable peripheral monitors. Learn how these low cost products simplify patient setup, reduce cable clutter and enhance any physiologic monitoring system.