Device Alarm Nurse Call Cables

Enable critical remote alarm monitoring at the central nurses station by connecting Device Alarm Nurse Call cables between the equipment and the headwall nurse call jack near the patient bedside. Choose from over 50 unique connections to devices such as ventilators, pulse oximeters, infusion pump monitors and Amplion Alert Systems. Products are designed with smart features such as rugged straight cable that is easier to clean than the traditional coiled cable. Both the bright red cable color and yellow ‘CAUTION ’ label help communicate the importance of this connection to the patients’ care. Only the most rugged connectors available are used, and we proudly manufacture all our products at our FDA compliant facility in the USA.

To expand the capability of the existing central nurse call alarm system, use device alarm cables in tandem with our Nurse Call Input Multiplier. This budget-friendly accessory easily plugs into the in-room headwall jack to increase the number of inputs, turning the average room into a more intensive care unit!