Safeguard Medical Cables
with a Cable Leash Kit


Never lose or misplace vital cables again. Protect your assets by securing the interconnect cable to its related equipment. Having medical cables and equipment tethered ensures your readiness to connect every time! This 16-piece kit allows you to safe guard FOUR essential cables and includes cable leashes with adhesive tab ends, set screws, hex wrenches and alcohol swabs. *Interconnect adapters shown in image sold separately.

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Your purchase of MAGUIRE interconnect cables is a smart one. Go further and protect your investment from becoming lost or misplaced with a CABLE LEASH KIT. This product works by securing the accessory cable to its related equipment. When cables are tethered to equipment, you know you’ll be able to act quickly! Our Cable Leash Kit includes everything you need to secure FOUR individual accessory cables.

To safeguard essential cables with a CABLE LEASH, follow these installation instructions:

Locate a non-porous flat area on the device where you wish the cable to be secured. This area should be close to the connection port of the device for easy coupling.
Clean the flat area using the provided alcohol swab.
Peel the protective liner from the tab face to expose the adhesive.
Press the adhesive tab onto the device, holding firmly for 30 seconds, so it fully adheres.
Allow to sit for 4 hours before use. Glue will cure fully in 24 hours.

Once the glue has cured you are ready to attach the cable leash to your desired cable.

Slide the small set screw collar approximately two inches onto the end of the leash.
Loop the leash around the cable you wish to tether and insert the exposed end of the leash back through the set screw collar.
Tighten the set screw firmly with the hex wrench to prevent the leash from slipping through the collar.
Storethe hex wrench in a secure place as it is required to attach and detach tethered cables.
Order your kit today and never again find yourself without vital cables!

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