Improve Patient to Monitor Connections

with the MAGUIRE Output Multiplier

Interconnecting multiple physiologic monitors and medical equipment within similarly equipped care areas and operating rooms is simplified with the addition of the Analog Output Multiplier. Only Maguire Enterprises, Inc. delivers this low-cost, efficient system of integration which enables a physiologic monitor or anesthesia monitor to simultaneously deliver ECG and/or IBP signal to numerous connected devices. The analog output multiplier eliminates the problem of the monitor limited to a single analog output and the resultant tendency and unsafe practice of daisy-chaining critical monitoring connections. This product can improve patient setup times by reducing staff efforts in connecting redundant sets of patient cables and electrodes. Fewer connections at the patient improves their experience and reduces the amount of cable clutter in the surrounding area and surgical field.

For the biomed and clinician both, the analog output multiplier streamlines their ability to add or remove monitoring devices within the system for the purpose of performing preventative maintenance, addressing equipment failures, conversions or any case requiring equipment to be taken offline or brought online and merged with others. Just connect or disconnect the interconnect-accessory cable from the analog output multiplier and the balance of the system remains operational and undisrupted. The initial installation of these products is equally simple and straightforward!

For the administrator, this product offers more flexibility with regard to equipment sharing and allocation. The training on how to integrate the equipment into the operating room and other care areas is also simplified for staff.

Any area or department requiring a secondary connected physiologic monitor will benefit from the expansion offered by the analog output multiplier. And in the CVOR, Hybrid OR, and Cath Lab where numerous critical monitors are utilized, this unique product is essential!

The MAGUIRE Analog Output Multiplier can help any facility optimally establish and simplify an otherwise cluttered and inefficient physiologic monitoring arrangement. And at the cost of $277 each for the multiplier, improving equipment capability, flexibility and effectiveness is easily with reach.

Join the nation’s top ranking hospitals and bring these improvements and savings to your facility. Choose any desirable combination of output multiplier with accessory cable(s) shown below, which are our most requested applications. You may also contact us for other desirable connections which may not be listed here. For a supplemental infographic view, click here. To see how an Output Multiplier integrates into your existing BOOM System, click here. 

1) Select the Multiplier which corresponds to the source monitor. This is the primary device to which the patient is connected. *Not compatible with Axiom Sensis     ** Requires OEM cable

ME590257F: GE 7 pin mini DIN
ME590257P: GE 9 pin PDM Module
ME590257 : Datex S/5 4 pin LEMO
ME590257M:  Mindray DPM (call for other models)
ME590257S: Philips w/ pressure module
ME590257J : Spacelabs DB15HD
ME590257H: Siemens Draeger 14 pin MDR*
ME590257YJ: Nihon Kohden**

3) Select ECG/IBP interconnect cables for connection to the balloon pump and CCO monitor.
ECG & IBP ancillary cables to the Continuous Cardiac Output Monitor:

ME590265E: Edwards LifeSciences Hemosphere or Vigilance II

IBP signal only:

ME590333S: Edwards  LifeSciences Hemosphere or Vigilance II

2) Choose the cables that correspond to the manufacturer and model.
Select up to 4 ECG Ancillary cables to Ultrasound/TEE and Balloon pump devices

ME590132F : GE Vivid i & q
ME590132 : GE Vivid 5, 7 or E9
ME590338J : Philips
ME590338J : Siemens/Acuson

ME590338J : Balloon Pump


Defibrillator ECG cables:

ME590006K: Physio-Control LifePak models
ME590335    : Zoll Medical models