Improve Perioperative Efficiency in the Operating Room with Output Multipliers

Acute surgical procedures can involve numerous physiologic monitoring equipment. As a result, the clinician may connect multiple sets of patient electrodes for each needed device. MAGUIRE offers an efficient method of interconnecting multiple medical devices that not only eases clinician efforts, it also reduces the cable clutter in the operating room! By connecting our Output Multiplier to the primary monitor, the patient’s ECG and IBP waveforms will be simultaneously delivered to additional devices such as a defibrillator, balloon pump, ultrasound, cardiac monitor, pacer programmer and more. This method of interconnect ensures that each ancillary device is looking at the same physiologic signal. Hundreds of top rated hospitals consider this configuration to be efficient and desirable! Choose the output multiplier with ancillary cables below and bring these benefits to your facility today.

1) Select the Multiplier which corresponds to the source monitor. This is the primary device to which the patient is connected. *Not compatible with Axiom Sensis     ** Requires OEM cable

ME590257F: GE 7 pin mini DIN
ME590257P: GE 9 pin PDM Module
ME590257 : Datex S/5 4 pin LEMO
ME590257M:  Mindray DPM (call for other models)
ME590257S: Philips w/ pressure module
ME590257J : Spacelabs DB15HD
ME590257H: Siemens Draeger 14 pin MDR*
ME590257YJ: Nihon Kohden**

3) Select ECG/IBP interconnect cables for connection to the balloon pump and CCO monitor.
ECG & IBP ancillary cables to the Continuous Cardiac Output Monitor:

ME590265E: Edwards LifeSciences Hemosphere or Vigilance II

IBP signal only:

ME590333S: Edwards  LifeSciences Hemosphere or Vigilance II

2) Choose the cables that correspond to the manufacturer and model.
Select up to 4 ECG Ancillary cables to Ultrasound/TEE and Balloon pump devices

ME590132F : GE Vivid i & q
ME590132 : GE Vivid 5, 7 or E9
ME590338J : Philips
ME590338J : Siemens/Acuson

ME590338J : Balloon Pump

Defibrillator ECG cables:

ME590006K: LifePak models
ME590335    : Zoll models