How Output Multipliers Improve Perioperative Efficiency in the CVOR

This unique line of products serves to expand the anesthesia monitor’s single analog output. The result is a simultaneous connection to multiple critical devices, such as the defibrillator, balloon pump, ultrasound, and other physiologic monitoring equipment needed in the cardiovascular operating room. Viewing ECG and IBP waveforms on these critical devices without adding multiple sets of patient leads not only reduces cable clutter, it ensures that each device is looking at the same physiologic signal. Hundreds of top rated hospitals consider this method of interconnect to be efficient and desirable! Use the info-graph below to select the output multiplier and ancillary slave cables needed to bring these benefits to your facility.

3) Select IBP interconnect cables for connection to peripheral devices (balloon pump and CCO – continous cardiac output monitor).

ECG & IBP ancillary cables to the CCO Monitor:
ME590265E: ECOM, Edwards Vigilance I & II
ME590333S: ECOM, Edwards Vigilance I & II, IBP signal only